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Using Hong Kong as the Gateway to Asia, Vertical City Ltd. can assists clients at all stages of their market entry and expansion in Hong Kong, China and Asia in general. Vertical City can offer clients market entry consulting, incorporation and outsourcing services, for any needs, by managing the project at its early stage. We can also arrange for advice on developing your Business Plan so that you can raise venture capital for your new business.


Vertical City can develop a corporate identity for your newly founded business. We can design a logo for you, memos, business cards, invoices and other corporate materials, and arrange for the printing of your business cards and business paper. Strong brands are built from the ground up. Our objective is to understand what you want to say and to find the most creative and engaging ways to say it. You can hire us to learn about your brand and create the best experience for your clients or if you just want to get it going you can select one of our packages.


We can design and develop your website and can arrange for a web-domain and email accounts for your directors and staff. Furthermore Vertical City is offering Website Maintenance Services. Every client is unique and so is his project. So in all our projects we put innovation and creativity first but we also focus on the highest technical standards and we are harsh on ourselves when it comes to deadlines. And don’t worry we don’t use templates, all packages come with state of the art designs tailored to your brand image.

Has managing the human resources functions like Payroll and Employee Benefits become a daunting task for your company? Here is our solution. At Vertical City, we have a team of experts who are dedicated to your account and they are ready to support your every distressing but important human resources administrative task. Simply outsource these functions to us, you can save a lot of time and concentrate more on your core business areas.

Payroll administration could be very time-consuming and complicated. To advance these essential human resource functions for your company, Vertical City experienced professionals are ready to provide you with expert and discreet Payroll Services, by which your human resource personnel can save valuable time and focus on other core activities.


Payroll Calculation and Payment

- Calculation and organising payment of employees' salaries, overtime, allowances, benefits, expense claims and ad hoc payments based on the specific employment contract terms can be handled by us.
Distribution of Pay-slips to Employees in Paper or Electronic Form
- We can help you prepare and distribute pay-slips or other internal reports such as leave tracking to your employees in paper or electronic format.Maintenance of Client Payroll Account
- We provide authorized signatories on client payroll accounts to effect payroll and Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) payments, and also maintain the ongoing account activity.
Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Enrollment and Maintenance
- Calculation and organising payment of employer and employee contributions to MPF and other provident fund schemes can be managed by us. We can also assist you in the establishment of MPF scheme of your company.
Complying with Salaries Related Tax Return
- Our team can help you handle your employees' Salaries Related Tax Return issues, complying with the taxation requirements in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we can help you notify the Inland Revenue Department on time since the statutory obligations require an employer to report the details of the remuneration paid to an employee on an annual basis.

Offering an advantageous Employee Benefits package to your company’s staffs is important in today’s competitive business environment. Vertical City objectively provides different insurance agents information for your selection of your preferred package. All the consultants are recognized leaders in benefits management, with in-depth experience in developing cost-effective and creative Employee Benefit solutions. While improving your corporate business planning, the tailor-made Employee Benefits program enables you to recruit, motivate and reward your employees all the time.


Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)
- In accordance with the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance, all employers must make mandatory contributions for all eligible employees.
- To provide basic retirement benefits to Hong Kong's workforce, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has implemented the MPF system since 2000. All employers and employees, including the self-employed (exclude exempt persons), must contribute to an MPF Scheme. All contributions must be managed by an authorized MPF provider to ensure that the scheme is administered securely and professionally.
- The scheme covers all employees who have completed 60 days of service and are aged between 18 and 64.
- To set up your MPF account, Vertical City could assist you in coordinating with the consultants with no set up cost and FREE registration.
Employees' Compensation Insurance
- According to the Employees' Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282), it is employer's liability at law to pay compensation in respect of bodily injury by accident or disease to their employees within the scope of the Ordinance. The Employees' Compensation Insurance is a must to cover all the employed staff.

Group Life and Medical Scheme

- In Hong Kong, no compulsory Ordinance to force the employer to make a Life and Medical Scheme for employees, however, this kind of scheme can provide attractive remuneration package for your employee.
- As an employer, offering suitable life and health benefits can build up employee loyalty and reduce turnover, which is surely beneficial to your business growth.

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