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Vertical City can arrange for Financial Analysis service which can provide useful financial information to you for making sound investment decision. These services ranges from education fee planning, life insurance, estate and succession Planning, general insurance, medical insurance, offshore investments, retirement plans, saving plans through to trust planning. These services will be provided by C.I.B. licensed agents pursuant to the laws of Hong Kong.


It is important to start as early as possible to figure out the required amount for your children’s college education plan and work out an action plan to accumulate such fund.


Our partners have a broad range of competitive general insurance products, such as personal accident, travel, homeowners, domestic helpers, motors, etc., that can provide coverage to suit your individual insurance needs.


No one knows what the future holds. Life Insurance will provide money to protect your family and loved ones when unfortunate things happened to your life. Our C.I.B. licensed agents have a wide range of competitive and cost-effective life insurance products to satisfy your unique protection needs.


Our licensed (and regulated) agents have comprehensive in-patient and out-patient medical insurance plans for individual clients to choose for covering the medical cost to be incurred no matter by sickness or accident.
Take out private health insurance as early in life as possible! Anyone over the age of 60 or who has health problems may find it difficult to find new health insurance cover. So it is already advisable to think about an international insurance policy at an early age before the first signs of age-related health problems begin to appear.


We can arrange for an easy way to efficiently and economically purchase private travel health insurance through our C.I.B. licensed partners with attractive discounts. Travel Insurance offers excellent protection if you have a sudden, unexpected illness or injury whilst traveling. In case you need to see a doctor, or if you are hospitalised, our providers will help you in any way possible. You can choose a travel insurance which covers one single trip, or you can choose to be covered all year round on all your trips abroad, for up to 1 month per trip.


Our licensed (and regulated) partners’ Offshore Investment Service can help you invest your money efficiently in order to meet your personal financial objectives, such as earning potentially higher rates of return, minimize investment risk by portfolio diversification, etc.
Saving for the future is essential for everybody and whether it is saving for a deposit on a house or investing in your children's future, there are plans bespoke for each individual. Investing in international accounts is no longer the premise of the rich and famous, all expatriates living abroad can now enjoy flexibility, among other benefits, by investing their money overseas.
International savings plans can provide a wide range of funds to choose from, all of which offer freedom to save in the currency of your choice and offer tax efficiency on interest paid. You can pay towards the plans as much or as little as you wish to, as long as you regularly provide payments.
A savings plan can help you save towards your children's university or college education, which can be expensive for expatriate parents. By choosing to save early you could help give your child a first rate education in whichever country you reside in the world.

It’s not a dream to have a steady and satisfying income to allow you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during retirement. Simply to start your retirement planning early is crucial. Our C.I.B. licensed agents can help you to create a retirement strategy that best fits your current financial situation and your goals.
If you plan to retire abroad, or are currently in the process of doing so, you will have decided that the quality of your retirement years is paramount to you. However, have you considered how your pension will provide you with the financial support you deserve?
By retiring overseas and thus decided that you will not be returning back to your home country, there is a wide range of international investment opportunities available to you as an expatriate. If you carefully plan your retirement, there are investments available that have the potential of earning you an income to supplement your pension, in addition to savings options available which have the benefit of being tax efficient.
It can be daunting dealing with a move overseas and wondering how your pension will work for you, which is why it can be beneficial to start planning your retirement as soon as you can in order to make sure you can support yourself financially.
Planning for your retirement abroad has never been so easy and beneficial to pensioners. International pensions have more benefits than regular pensions, with tax efficiency being a major advantage. Overseas pensions also have the added bonus of remaining inheritance tax free and will be passed on to your beneficiaries should you die.

Vertical City can arrange for assistance and advisory services to assist with Trust planning. These service can help you inherit your valuable assets to your loved ones effectively and efficiently in accordance to your own plan, especially those who are ine Experienced and qualified staff are able to act in the provision of trustee, and foundation council member services, as well as with the formation of Trusts and Foundation in various jurisdictions. Trustee services may be provided for Discretionary Trusts, Fixed Trusts, Purpose or Charitable Trusts, Vista and Special Purpose Trusts.
Following the recent introduction of legislation in Jersey and the Seychelles there are now seven common law or mixed jurisdictions offering private foundations.
Our partners can help explain the nature of these entities, and provide a comparison between foundations and trusts to assist you in choosing the appropriate vehicle for your circumstances.
We provide efficient administration, accounting and coordination for each relevant entity.
Fees will normally comprise a fixed element plus a charge based on time spent, or alternatively entirely fixed fees may be negotiated on a case by case basis. They will vary depending on the complexity of the business undertaken, and the activity of the entity, and on the reporting requirements experienced or incapable to manage the assets.

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